It’s House Time! We need Champagne!

In 2 hours we close on our house and sign our lives away to our mortgage. Regardless of that fact, we are very excited! We had the final walk-through yesterday and everything was as it should be. The keys will be ours at 3pm!

I know the first part of this has nothing to do with wine, but I wanted to share. The second part is asking you to recommend a Champagne for us to buy to celebrate! I don’t know much about Champagne, having stuck to mostly California Sparkling wine, but we really want to get a nice bottle of actual Champagne to celebrate becoming homeowners. I’m willing to spend up to about $100 to get a really tasty bottle, so what would you suggest? Any and all recommendations are welcome!

I apologize for my slow posting and slow response to comments, but I did think, and was correct in that thought, that things would slow down a bit here as we got to closing and moving. We take the first of many loads of our stuff over after the closing this afternoon!

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  1. First, congratulations! Second, is there a Costco nearby? They have really good Dom Perignon for around $120 usually, and the up-scale Veuve Cliquot rose for just shy of $100. If there was ever a time to spring for Dom, this is it. But much cheaper, and really good, is Deutz champagne. Total Wine usually has it, if you are near one of those.

    Enjoy your first night in the house and cheers to all your future years of happiness in it!

  2. Some champagnes I’ve liked are IMHO are Perrier Jouet Brut Flower Bottle, Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame Brut and Bollinger RD.

    Congrats on the house. How exciting!!! May you have many years of happiness there.

  3. Cograts on the house!

    My choice for a vintage Champagne would be Gosset Celebris Brut. You should be able to find a bottle right around $100. Anything by Krug is usually a good bet, and if you can find something from a small producer like Jacques Selosse – buy it immediately. There’s nothing wrong with Dom, but it’s pretty mass-produced stuff.

  4. Bunches of congrats to you and hubby Sonadora. First houses are so special! I am not a big champagne drinker either, but have had Perrier Jouet (I may have killed the spelling on that) a few times and was not disappointed!
    Wishing you and Matt much happiness in your new home!

  5. I would totally get some Krug, but it’s more like $175/bottle where I live…in my apartment…you’re so lucky to have a new house!! Congratulations!!

  6. Veuve Le Grand Dame. Fermento affectionately calls it “The Bitch” but he won’t celebrate an anniversary without it! Congrats!!!

  7. A toast to you and yours! May you have a life of happiness in your new home!!!

  8. Thank you all for the well wishes and wine suggestions! I will be venturing out this week(I think I get tomorrow off from moving boxes!)to pick up a bottle to drink on our first night in the house!

  9. We enjoy Korbel 2004 Natural, Russian River Valley. But you don’t have to take my word for it. The Natural was one of just five select wines, out of nearly 700 medal winners, that earned both Gold Medal and “Best of Show” honors at the recently completed 2007 Monterey Wine Competition. And, at just $14, it’ll help you make those mortgage payments too 🙂 Congratulations and best wishes; there’s no place like home.

  10. Thanks Ken! I have a couple bottles of Korbel hanging around, but not that one. I’ll have to see if they distribute here(last time we were there they didn’t ship to VA) as that will be our price range for a long while forward!

  11. How about a Lanson Black Label? It’s a good compromise of affordable price and prestigious Champagne.

    Congratulations! Enjoy it!

  12. Thanks Marcus! I’ll check that out too!

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