WineQ Hits Another Homerun!

This bottle of Twisted Oak 2005 Verdelho arrived in my very first shipment from WineQ. I have been meaning to try the wines from Twisted Oak for quite some time now, but let’s face it, I’m a bit lazy and I can be forgetful (yet another reason WineQ works really well for me, I don’t have to think much about it beyond adding more wines to my queue, minimal effort is excellent) so I hadn’t gotten around to it. But now I have and I can say for certain this will not be our last bottle of this one or from Twisted Oak in general….I have my eye on the Petite Sirah….

Anywho, onto the wine. Screw-cap (which actually came off the bottle without Matt having to take the pliers or a knife to it, thanks Twisted Oak!), 13.2% alcohol by volume and cost $15.99 (free shipping!).

The nose of the Verdelho was very aromatic. It started out with a strong sense of pineapple giving away to apple. Flowers then dominated the nose. In the mouth there were pears, apples and peaches. The wine had excellent acidity and structure.

I served it with parmesean breadcrumb baked tilapia and leftover risotto. Some kind of vegetable too, though my memory is foggy and I couldn’t take a picture of the dinner with the wine as you couldn’t see the bottle up against my pile ‘o junk. The light flower and crisp fruit flavors in the wine paired well with the light flaky fish and the acidity did well up against the creamy cheese risotto.

Overall, we loved this wine. The flavors and aromas were great for the summery weather we’ve been experiencing here and the value was excellent.


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  1. I brought a bottle of this one home with me when I went to visit Twisted Oak. Along with the Petite Sirah which I HIGHLY recommend.

  2. Yummy wine, isn’t it? I’m saving it for my next foray into Fish Tacos. Next week I’m opening up the “Potty Mouth White” Roussanne/Marsanne blend to go with crab cakes. Lovin Wine Q, too. It’s kind of like automatic bill pay, except in this case you get wine, too!

  3. My name is El Jefe, and I am a Q-aholic! I am really enjoying the “Q” as well. You have “one up” on me, ‘Dora: we both can enjoy the Verdelho, but I can’t taste the tilapia…:) Sounds like a yummy pairing!

  4. Farley…I put the PS in my WineQ! Couldn’t resist!

    Dr.Debs, much better than the water and electricity you get with automatic billpay 😉

    El Jefe, I think you win, since you can just walk into your winery and grab it anytime you like! I have to wiat for it to come in the mail!

  5. […] about it…the price, what’s in the bottle, yum! I’ve reviewed the 2006 and the 2005 in previous years.  This latest bottle arrived in my Twisted Few Club shipment and retails for […]

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