My Problem

We don’t have internet access at home right now.

Which means I can’t type up my tasting notes or upload my pictures. And that leaves me with several posts that I have written but have not attached the pictures to yet.

So while I’ve been drinking wines as usual, I don’t know that I can make any real wine related posts until the Internet people show up on Saturday to hook up our cable. I had high hopes for drinking some wine out tonight, but I checked out the wine list of the place we are headed to and woefully discovered that there are only 3 reds and 3 whites on it. That’s it. And one of the reds is The Little Penguin Pinot Noir if that provides you an indication of the type of wine list.

I was interested to note that the Washington Post Wine Writers noted the Nora Albarino as one of their favorite white wines under $20. I had recommended that to Dr.Debs a while ago and she reviewed it a few weeks ago. I’m hoping the mention in thePost won’t drive up the demand and the price of it around here as it is one of my favorite “go-to” white wines.

Other wine events of note:

We have moved our wine into our basement at the new house. What looked HUGE in our apartment as it basically took up what space remained on either side of our bed looks itty bitty in our basement. And, as I’ve been monitoring it, our basement seems to have been steady for 2 weeks at a 62 degree temperature. While I realize that 55 is more ideal, I wonder if it will be okay down there? Keep in mind most of wine doesn’t hang around for more than a year or so as I make no pretense about attempting to store and age wine. Thoughts?

My second WineQ shipment has arrived with a Sauvignon Blanc, a Zinfandel and a Red Table Wine. I’m much looking forward to my next shipment which has some Twisted Oak Petite Sirah in it, something I’ve been dying to taste! My only concern is that I’ve now purchased all the wines under $20 that are available through WineQ to ship to VA. I’m all for trying new things, but I hesistate to spend more than $20ish on a wine I haven’t tasted yet…Hopefully some of the other wines will be able to ship to VA soon or more new arrivals will pop up!

Finally, I can’t figure out where to put the wine fridge in the new house. Keeping it in the basement with the wine seems to defeat the purpose of its convenience. And the way the new kitchen is designed it doesn’t seem like there is a logical place to keep it. Hmm, perhaps my next kitchen will be designed around a built in wine-fridge…. 🙂

Hope to be back in gear soon!