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Thanks to Dr. Debs for posting this timely (for me anyway) post on Wine Life Today that she found on Good Grape. The post is regarding the shipping of wine to consumers and how it’s a big issue facing the industry today.

And I must agree. Especially given that I just got royally screwed by UPS. A shipment of 6 bottles was scheduled (per the phone call of UPS) to arrive at my home on Friday. I went home early to wait for it. And I waited. And waited. And it did not come. So I think maybe it got shipped to our old apartment. I went over there. And nothing. I harass the front desk people into showing me the package log for Friday to make sure it didn’t get sent there. Nothing.

I call today to track it. Supposedly UPS came and left a notice on our door at 6:47PM on Friday. Well, apparently this was a ghost UPS truck and a ghost notice, because let me tell you, it wasn’t there. I may be oblivious at times, but I certainly don’t miss it when people ring the doorbell or when missed package notices are taked to my front door.

So now, my beautiful wine that cost $170 has been sitting in a hot warehouse the entire LONG weekend. That’s 3 full days, plus 2 full dasy today being driven around in our achingly hot weather. I fear the worst dear wine lovers: my wine will be cooked. I am doubly irritated and pissed off due to the fact that I was sitting in my living room when this was supposedly delivered.

PS: Even more irritated now that I just found out they will attempt to deliver at 4 today. No one will be there and every other time UPS has come, they arrive around 7. When we are home. Of course, not today though.


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  1. Tough break. When the local guys pretend to deliver the wine, at least it ends up at the depot at the local air-conditioned mall.

  2. Really, there has to be a better way! I finally caved and rented the tiniest imaginable PO Box at a place that signs for packages. No more missed deliveries, and it’s on my way to work so it’s easy to stop in and see if there’s a treat waiting!

  3. Lucky you Joe! No such air-conditioned places here. I don’t know how the wine is, it wasn’t hot to the touch when we picked it up, but it wasn’t cool either…I guess we’ll see.

    Dr.Deb, I’ve thought about this option, and now that we are in a house I might have to more seriously look into it since we no longer have a front desk to sign for the wine!

  4. I hope your wine is OK. I know it’s frustrating when things don’t get shipped right.

  5. UPS is the worst. Both DHL and FedEx are better.

    UPS delivered some of my wine to a completely different address and name. No connection. When I said to pick it up and bring it to me, they said they would have to send it back to the sender in California. What! All the way back across country because THEY made a mistake. They said company policy. Fortunately the man called me and I picked it up from him.

    Another time they gave me somebody else’s package along with mine at the station and I didn’t notice til I got home. Of course, I called the person and they picked up from me.

    Use another service if you can.

  6. robb, it seems to be okay so far, though I’ve only popped the cork on one bottle.

    Anon, yes, they have just been awful. I love the Fedex people since I can schedule them for Saturday when I am actually home. Sounds like you have gone through quite the ordeal with UPS!

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