Hidden Treasures

As you may know from reading, we’ve recently moved into our first house from an apartment. In our apartment, wine was squirrled in corners. While I have set-up CellarTracker to manage my wine, some of the bottles managed to escape me as they were hidden too well. Back in November I made a trip to Unwined for a mixed half-case of everyday wines. I thought we had consummed them all, but some had managed to elude their destiny for 7 months. No more I say!

Since I love Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, I’m drawing a blank as to how I let this one sit around for so long! It was a 2005 Scott Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. The bottle cost $14.99 at Unwined, was 13% alcohol by volume and had a screw-cap closure.

The nose on this one was reserved, though I did pick up a bit of vanilla (odd) and a slight hint of gooseberry. In the mouth was gooseberry with a ton of citrus. Mostly lime all over the place, though there were hints of other citrus, grapefruit and lemon. Overall, the wine was light and crisp with good acidity. Not quite as crisp and tart as some others I’ve had, but it sure did the trick for us as we were exhausted and hot after moving all day.

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  1. Hi I’m passing totally at random… NEXT BLOG brought me here!

    All the best in your new place – good on yer for moving..

    I do a blog too:


    is my main site, my online journal. Do drop by, you’re most welcome.

    See you later hopefully …

    All the best


    Gledwood “Vol 2” …

  2. Cool ! Another “down under” to add to my list. Sounds great!

  3. what the hell is gooseberry? is that like a snozberry?

  4. Hidden wine, how fun. Like magic pockets when you reach in and pull out a bill.

  5. Gledwood, welcome! Come back any time, I will come check out your blog.

    Winedeb, yep, another one for you!

    Linds, a gooseberry is a small fruit, usually less than an inch and round, it’s closest relative is a currant. It’s often a green or white berry though it does come in other colors. Grown in Europe and in some parts of America, it does well in climates with fairly chilly winters. It’s hard to describe the flavor, I actually had to go seek out a jar of gooseberry jam to figure out what it was, I had noticed something in many sauvignon blancs that I couldn’t place a finger on…turned out it was gooseberry!

    Farley, exactly! Especially since found money would often be used to simply purchase more wine…this just eliminated a step! 😉

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