Q-ing Up!

That’s right folks, here I am, drinking from my WineQ again. The wines arrive, I drink them…..it’s a vicious cycle 😉 The night’s wine was the 2004 Lava Cap Reserve Zinfandel. Lava Cap hails from El Dorado, California.

The wine weighed in at 15.6% alcohol, cost me $19.99 (free shipping!), and had a real cork closure.

My photography skills are not fabulous, but I hope you can gather the translucent ruby color that this wine presented in the glass. I found it very pretty to look at.

The alcohol on the nose was a bit strong, but blew off to reveal black currants, blackberries, spices…nutmeg and cloves I believe and oak. In the mouth there were big dark berries, with hints of the spices that came through on the nose. It also had an earthy quality. However, I wouldn’t describe this as a full-bodied wine, despite the high alcohol. Overall the wine was a bit tannic and left a spicy finish in the mouth.


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  1. I just stumbled upon this great video of the Nantucket Wine Festival. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


  2. Thanks anonymous, I’ll have to check it out when I get home, streaming video doesn’t work here!

  3. Part of my wine ritual is looking at the wine in the glass. I enjoy the different color saturations. Sometimes folks look at me like, when are you going to drink that and quit starring at it! Too funny!

  4. Your use of fill flash and available light is spot on – it may be the camera but you shopped well 🙂 Maybe a little less background clutter but you got the color of the wine so who cares?

    That Nantucket thing has been posted as comments to many wine blogs. It’s wine related so the question is – is it spam? I haven’t yet approved the comment on el bloggo…

  5. Gotta love that volcanic soil!

  6. I don’t often look very closely at the color winedeb….you frequently find me with my nose so far in the glass that it gets covered with wine though!

    I dunno el jefe…I’ve been getting a bit of this seemingly spammy stuff lately too!

    That has to be it Marshall!

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