Back to VA wines

I’m still uncovering wines from our move that I misplaced, if that’s the right word, while living in our apartment. Yes, even though I had entered it into CellarTracker, I still managed to lose track of parts of my stash. It happens when wine lives in every empty nook and corner you have.

Anywho, the wine! The evening’s bottle was a Tarara 2004 Pinot Noir, from Virginia. Somehow we ended up with a quite a few bottles that managed to escape our gullets from our day trip to VA wine country last fall. The wine cost $20, was 13.5% alcohol by volume, and had a real cork closure.

At first on the nose I got candied cherries. After a while they turned into sweet red cherries, which I swear is different than candied cherries (I think I mean marachino cherries) and spicy oak.

In the mouth the wine was smooth, though it had a hint of spice and a bit of a kick in the finish. Oddly enough, the cherries were much tarter in the mouth than on the nose. This is a light-bodied Pinot Noir and overall I would describe it as fruity. A different kind of Pinot Noir than a CA one, but a very nice light summer red overall. I served it with grilled lamb chops, 2 cheese risotto and broccoli. Not the best match, the lamb needed a heavier bodied red.


WBW #35: Passionate Spain

I saw via my Twitter sidebar that Michelle, aka wine-girl, of My Wine Education has announced the next WBW!

In case you are unfamiliar with WBW (Wine Blogging Wednesday) the idea is that once a month, a wine blogger gets together with Lenn, of Lenndevours, the creator of WBW and picks a theme. Then, on the selected Wednesday, lots of wine bloggers and wine lovers raise their glasses to drink a bottle of wine that fits the topic.

In any case, this month’s theme is Passionate Spain. And by that, Michelle means go find a bottle of Spanish wine, preferably under $10, red or white. She says she’ll give us a little leeway with the price, but not too much! Additionally, she’d love for you to seek out lesser known areas of Spain in your hunt!

Report back to Michelle with the details of your wine by July 11! You can find all the specifics here.