Birds on the Bottle

More Sauvignon Blanc for our hot, sticky weather here in the mid-Atlantic region. I found this bottle of 2006 Fauna Sauvignon Blanc at my recent trip to Total Wine in Alexandria. It had a screw cap, cost $6.99, was 13% alcohol by volume, and hails from Marlborough, New Zealand (my favorite region for Sauvignon Blanc these days.)

I love the label on this one with the pretty bird which I at first thought was a parrot, but now I’m not convinced. In any case, it’s cute. Sometimes I can be a sucker for an animal label. Though this time, the stuff inside was pretty darn tasty.

The nose of this wine was a fruit bowl. I got melons, green apple, gooseberry, and citrus. I would describe the nose as smelling very vibrant and fresh, as if the fruit were just picked and put in my glass.

In the mouth I found mainly green apple and limes. The wine was crisp acidic, but not not tart to the point you pucker. Although the fruit was really pronounced in the mouth and on the nose, the finish was quick and refreshing. I thought this was an excellent buy for the price point and I would definitely get it again. I’ve been very happy with all my Sauvignon Blanc purchased from Total Wine so far.