They said to throw out pairing rules…

So we drank this 2004 Twisted Oak Silvaspoons Vineyard Petite Sirah with cheeseburgers and Doritos. See, I don’t make gourmet meals all the time!

I got this bottle of Petite Sirah in my latest WineQ shipment, though I’ve been eying it for quite some time now! However, if you want your own bottle, you’d better hurry up and order it, last time I heard El Jefe told us Twisted Oak was nearly sold out, though WineQ had their own personal stock!

The wine. I may be a bit biased as Petite Sirah is one of my absolute favorite wines, but this was simply a delicious bottle of wine, I highly recommend it and if it weren’t for the fact that is absolutely too hot to ship wine to VA at the moment, I would be buying up what I could because I would love to see how this bottle develops in the next 2-5 years.

The wine! It had a real cork closure, was 13.5% alcohol by volume and cost me $23.99 with free shipping from WineQ!

The nose was very aromatic with blueberries, oak, vanilla and cloves as the most prevalent aromas. However, it kept developing as it sat out (and you should let it sit out a bit to aerate before you drink it as it appears to be a really complex wine, in both the mouth and the nose) and I eventually could distinguish nutmeg, allspice and chocolate. In the mouth there were gobs of fresh dark berries, mostly blueberries, though a bit of blackberry with plums as well. The allspice and cloves showed under the fruit and after an hour I found vanilla cream and velvety chocolate.

Overall my impressions of the wine were that it was a dark, juicy wine that stained my lips purple! It needs time to open up, but you will be glad you were patient as the flavors keep appearing and showing a very complex and well-made wine. And it even goes well with Doritos and cheeseburgers!