Are you tired of Sauvignon Blanc yet?

I hope not, because the summer weather is in full swing here and I will be downing bottle upon bottle of the crispest, most refreshing Sauvignon Blanc I can find until at least the end of September…unless of course someone wants to point me in the direction of other really refreshing summer whites! I do occasionally break it up with an Albarino or Viognier, so don’t despair yet!

This bottle was a 2006 Brancott Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand (sensing a pattern in my consumption habits yet?). I picked this bottle up on my recent Total Wine trip for $7.99. Overall, it, like my other Total Wine Sauvignon Blancs, was an excellent value and I would certainly recommend this bottle.

On the nose there were tropical fruits including pineapples and various citrus fruits. I would describe the wine as smelling tart, if you can imagine that. In the mouth the wine was crisp with racing, tongue prickling acidity, just the way I like my Sauvignon Blanc. I found green apples, citrus and pineapple in the mouth.

We drank this on its own after a very long day working on our house. The weather was dripping hot and the wine was the perfect pick-me-up after toiling in the sun all day!