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If for nothing else, you can count on me to keep it coming with the Sauvignon Blancs this summer. We have had the hottest week I ever remember in DC this week and I was very thankful I had made a trip to Total Wine for cheap and cheerful Sauvignon Blanc!

The bottle was a 2006 Santa Maria Sauvignon Blanc. The wine hails from the Central Valley of Chile (perhaps beginning to replace New Zealand as my favorite place for inexpensive and delicious Sauvignon Blanc), clocks in at 13% alcohol by volume and cost me $7.99 at Total Wine.

On the nose I found tropical fruit, hay and the gooseberry I usually expect to find in New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs. It also had a slightly herbal note on the nose. The wine was heavier in the mouth than I had expected based on the nose, with grapefruit and tangy citrus. It could also be described as herbaceous in the mouth. Overall the wine was crisp and refreshing and definitely one of my favorite inexpensive Sauvignon Blancs to date.

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  1. I have not had much luck with wines from Chile. I always seems to gear back to Australia, the US or France. But I am going to see if I can find this one and give it a try. Another place I am going to head to is Argentina. I saw a display of their wines in the wine shop the other day, so I am heading there also. Enjoy the summer weekend!

  2. I’ve had decent luck with the sauvignon blancs from Chile. Haven’t really tried anything else and have only had a few Malbecs from Argentina that didn’t really do much for me.

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