300 Posts!! And WBW #36!

I was going to do a nice post today for my 300 post on Wannabe Wino about the past 8 months and all that jazz, but just discovered that the theme for WBW #36 has been posted. And, it’s for the 3 year anniversary of WBW, so I would guess that should be a good enough topic for my 300th post!

Lenn of Lenndevours (some of you may have heard of the founder of WBW :)!) is hosting for us for this, the 3rd anniversary of WBW. Congrats to Lenn for starting something so great that has continued on in the blog world for that long!

Our theme for the month is Let’s Get Naked! Turn those dirty minds off, there will be no naked pictures on all the wine blogs come the due date of August 8! Instead, Lenn would like everyone to get out there and find a bottle of unoaked Chardonnay. No other requirements, just that the wine has seen no oak. I love this theme, as I have many unoaked Chardonnays in the basement just begging to be consumed.

Lenn has also announced the release of a new central meeting place for all things WBW-related, Wine Blogging Wednesday Community, in addition to a new board of wine bloggers to help him manage WBW. Not to mention that there’s a competition going to design a new label for WBW! Lots of news this month. You can read all about it here on Lenndevours.

Oh, and please do stop by My Wine Education to read the excellent round-up of Spanish wines from WBW #35. The reviews are all up, and Michelle and Kevin did a fantastic job. Thanks again for hosting.

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  1. Congratulations, Sonadora! Here’s to the next 300 posts!

  2. Congratulations! Keep up the great job sharing your wino experiences with us all. Love your blog!

    Re: Let’s Get Naked, Damn! Just when I thought…

  3. Thanks! It’s been a ton of fun so far!

  4. 300…we get writer’s block about every 5 posts so congrats on such a feat!

  5. 300 in eight months – that must be a record. You should get a medal for that! Keep it up!

  6. Nice Love this site…

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