Crab and Roussanne

I swear we eat things other than crab legs and pizza. I know you can’t tell that right now, but I am really just behind in getting up posts. A virus infected my work computer so I have had no internet access during the day as I am sans computer at the moment and just haven’t been able to catch up on getting posts up!

We drank this 2005 Marry Me Roussanne by Roshambo with a dinner of snow crab leg clusters with fresh lemon and butter. (I will admit, this is one our favorite summertime dinners!) The wine came in a club shipment, had a real cork closure, weighed in at 14.1% alcohol by volume, and cost us $12.00.

On the nose I found lemon, honeysuckle, something tropical, pear, and white flowers. The nose was very aromatic. In the mouth the wine tastes a bit like a slightly heavy unoaked chardonnay, though it was a bit tart. Flavors displayed in the mouth were pear, honey, and apricots.

I thought this was a good effort from Roshambo and for the price point was a very good value. I also like trying new varietals, so that made my day as well.

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  1. My heart literally beat faster when I saw your headline on my Google reader. Roussanne and crab–God, that’s a good pairing. And Roshambo, too. And CHEAP! Thanks for the tip. When you run out of legs, try buying a can of Philips crabmeat and making John Potter’s crab cakes. To die for.

  2. Have you had any Roussanne from the Fair Play AVA? This small subset of the El Dorado and Sierra Foothills AVAs. Hopefully, I’ll be there tomorrow. Several of the wineries have Roussanne, as well as other Rhone grapes. Thanks for being willing to eat so much crab legs for the sake of your blog!

  3. I was going to inquire about Roussanne, but from Orion’s comment I gather it’s a Rhone based varietal? I haven’t been too wild about Rhone whites but my experience is limited.

  4. I will have to get on the crab cakes Dr.Deb, Matt would love them! It was a good pairing, I’d definitely do it again.

    Orion, no, this is actually my first Roussanne! However, thanks for the tips, I will be certain to keep my eye out.

    David, yes it is a Rhone varietal. I would suggest a hop, skip and a jump over to Twisted Oak Winery to try some of their Rhone varietals, they produce excellent examples!

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