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I wanted to take a minute and let everyone know that my work has now filtered all blogs with a “typepad” or “” url. So now I can no longer even read blogs on my lunch break, including responding to comments on my own blog.

I can also no longer post my reviews at lunch, which was when I found the largest number of readers seem to come through here. My blogging strategy has always been that I write up posts as Matt and I are drinking the wine, I save the post, and then publish it at lunch-time.

I’m trying to figure out how blog reading and writing are going to fit into my day now. Does anyone have an opinion on whether I publish posts around 6:45 am est or around 8 pm est?


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  1. ‘Dora, don’t worry about it. My heaviest readership arrives between 9 am and 1 pm Pacific. That’s lunch hours from NYC to here. I publish my stories whenever possible before 9, so that when the east coasters do lunch, my post is there. I think if you published at 6:45, your traffic would be more spread out but you would still provide those lunch folks with new information for their time off. So many folks (me included) come to you via a reader that it doesn’t really matter when you publish. But now you’ll have to find something else to do over lunch. Harry Potter?

  2. The actual time that it’s posted doesn’t matter that much. It’s not like someone’s going to look at it and say, “Oh, this review’s been up for half a day already. Screw this site.”

    Personally, I use an RSS aggregator, and when during the day I read stuff depends on how busy I am.

  3. I agree with Deb as the mornings seem to be the best time. Seems if I wait till later in the day or evening, something always comes up and I cannot post at all! Also I am like you, do tasting, notes and photos at night. So after doing all of that and then making dinner, I really do not have the time to hop on the computer. Whenever I am visiting everyone I do not look at the date. I look to see if it is new content, if not, I move on. I hate when work interrupts important things!

  4. I vote for efficiency and post the night before. If you’re on a one post a day schedule, then it doesn’t so much matter when the post goes up.

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone. I guess I’m just a little frustrated with my work, but I would gather that people must be abusing their internet privileges if they felt the need to block everything.

    I will attempt to keep getting things up in a timely manner!

  6. Hi Sonadora,

    Can you install software on your work computer? If so, there may be a creative way of getting around this…

    -Marshall from WineQ

  7. I’m actually running a wordpress blog for work and it’s filtered out!! We aren’t allowed to access blogs either. It is our lunch break!! I know how you feel.

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