I may have fibbed

I thought that for sure I had consumed my last bottle from WineQ that was hanging out in my cellar. But again, my lack of organizational skills caused me to lose track of this bottle of 2005 Egret Chardonnay.

The bottle had a plastic cork, cost us $14.99 (free shipping!) through WineQ, and was 14.4% alcohol by volume.

On the nose there was a smell of slight oak and yeast, followed by lemons and a strong scent of apples. In the mouth I didn’t find any of the oak that I got on the nose. It was creamy up front with a crisp finish. The major flavors were citrus and apples.

Overall, the wine had a great structure and balance. It made the perfect sipping wine for a deadly hot Washington evening. We did drink it alone, though I’d love it with some mild creamy cheese. An excellent value.