Birds of a Feather

And a very round-a-bout way to get a bottle of wine back to Virginia. I picked this bottle up on my work trip in New Orleans. One of my coworkers and I were going to celebrate my birthday a little more, but after gorging ourselves at the RedFish Grill on Bourban Street we simply couldn’t fit even a drop in our stomachs. So the bottle got stashed in my suitcase to be checked through on the plane. And thus arrived this $13.99 bottle of 2004 Sonoma County Ravenswood Zinfandel.

On the nose I found blackberries, oak, spices, and alcohol. I’m not sure this bottle was ready to drink. The alcohol needed quite a bit of time to blow off the aroma of the wine. In the mouth I would describe the wine as hot. After some time I found blackberries, black currants, and oak. Comparatively, this was a low alcohol Zinfandel, coming in at only 14.5%. So I’m not sure where all the heat on this one came from, but boy was it there. Wait to drink it or decant it.

I served this with four cheese ravioli and fresh tomato sauce. I was in a cooking mood the other day and made us our fall’s supply of tomato sauce! It was actually a really good match for the acid of the tomato sauce.