Not Really a Dinner Wine

The wine of the evening was a 2005 Ferrari Carano Fior di Moscato. I honestly have no idea what this wine cost as it is only available in the tasting room. I’m certain we bought it last August while visiting, but that receipt never made it home with us. The wine had a real cork closure, was 13.5% alcohol by volume and is a Muscat Canelli.

This a very sweet wine. You can smell the sweetness on the nose. The aromas are floral, apricots, honey, and an orange essence. In the mouth, again, the wine is very sweet. The prevailing flavors are honey and apricots. There’s also something slightly tangy on the back of the palate.

I served this wine with bourbon chicken and macaroni and cheese. It was an awful match. Really bad, the sweetness of the wine overwhelmed the food. It was much better as a sipping wine after dinner. However, I could imagine that it would be excellent with a sharp or blue cheese.

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  1. I’m generally not a sweet wine fan myself unless it’s dessert or something spicy. Just had a gewurztraminer from Alsace that was quality but a bit sweet, had to find some spicy chicken taco apps from the freezer to go with it.

  2. Yeah, Matt likes the sweeter wines much more than I do. I tend to let him give me the opinions on them since I’m just not such a fan!

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