The Last Rose of Summer

Well, probably not the last Rose, but I’m running short on creative titles this morning, forgive me, it’s before 7am.

The wine was a 2006 Domaine Bellevue Touraine Rose from the Loire Valley. It cost me $9.99 at The Winery, a wine shop I just discovered in downtown Alexandria right on the GW Parkway. I also picked up my WBW Go Native wine while there.

At 12% alcohol by volume, this would make a great wine for an afternoon picnic or for sipping by the pool, but we drank it with risotto, broccoli, and one of the those rotissere chickens from the store.

The nose of the wine showed aromas of watermelon, lime, and strawberry. I noted that the wine had a really intriguing aroma. In the mouth there were flavors of strawberry cream and it was tangy on the finish.

As I hope you can see, the color of the wine was great, it looked like melted watermelon Jolly Ranchers. My overall impressions of the wine were that it was a lively and vibrant wine and it was lovely all–around. I also noted that this was one of the best value wines I’ve had. Both Matt and I were really impressed with this wine and I intend to head back to the Winery to snag a few more bottles.