IHO Domaine 547

I noticed Domaine 547’s post on Christmas/Holiday packaging for wine, and I know they were looking for ways to display multiple bottles in a gift basket minus the basket kind of way, but wanted to share this anyway. Last Christmas when I was looking for a gift bag for wine for friends at Christmas time, I came across this gem and just had to buy it.

BTW, apparently, I can’t figure out how to get an image to appear in comments. Can you even do that??


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  1. Sonadora,
    Can you share where we can buy this cute outfit for wine bottles?
    Does the retailer has a website?

  2. LOL! Thanks for sharing that!

    (FYI best way to post photo in comments is to post it to flickr and then embed the link to the photo. That has always worked for me.)

  3. That is just way too cute!! Great idea for wine gift! My same question as Andrew. Where to purchase?

  4. I bought this at the Wine Seller in Williamsburg, VA. http://www.grapesbythecrate.com/

    I bet if you called they could tell you about it!

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