Weekend Round-Up

At UnWined in Alexandria (home of my WBW Portuguese wine!) you will find a special event NEXT Sunday, October 21 from 3-5. Stop in to taste the wines of Cantine Grotta de Sole.

Tonight at Out of Site Wines in Vienna you will find a tasting of 2004 Possums Shiraz from 5-8 pm. Now who doesn’t want a wine with the same name a snarling rodent with large teeth? It’s from Australia, so maybe Edward has heard of it?

Tomorrow at Out of Site, stop by for a tasting of selections from a new distributor, Nice Legs. The company features boutique wineries of the Pacific Northwest and will be pouring 4 selections two of which are from Walla Walla! Catie would be proud.

Tonight at Arrowine in Arlington from 5:30-7:30, sip a selection of wines poured by Bill Mckenney of Michael Downey Selections. I’ve got nothing creative to say about this.

Tomorrow at Arrowine, 2 tastings from 1-4! You will find all of the selections from October’s grapes of Spain being poured. Albarino, Verdejo, Monastrell, oh my! Around a dozen selections! Ryan and Gabriella over at Catavino will scold you if you don’t go. You will also find Dionysos pouring a selection of their wines.

Finally, a big event in Reston this weekend. Festa Vino 2007. Food, wine, entertainment, crafts. Looks like many VA wineries are participating as well as importers of Italian wine. Around 50 wines will be poured. $25 at the door gets you the tasting and your take home glass.

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  1. Sonadora,

    Hope you are well.

    Can’t say I’ve heard of the Possums shiraz. Will have a look to see who makes it next time I’m in a store though.


  2. I found out on getting home, that Possums vineyard – is named after the part owner and distinguised wine scientist Dr John Possingham! I had assumed it was some critter label.

    PS I don’t think possums snarl, and I hope they don’t have large teeth! They are often considered pests – as they climb into suburban roof cavities and make all sorts of odd noises late at night 🙂

  3. Thanks Edward, I was thinking it was a critter wine as well! Maybe I’m thinking of a different creature…possums around here are fairly decent sized, generally around the size of a raccoon, with long bare pink tails that like to get run over crossing the highways. And they hang from trees by their tails. They have big teeth that they like to bare at you if you flick on your porch light and they are in the yard…like this guy: http://media.urbandictionary.com/image/large/opossum-50391.jpg

  4. Yikes,

    That possum does look very scary. I had no idea you had possums in the USA.

  5. Yep! They like to hang out in your garbage cans and tend to get run over on the road frequently.

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