FAQ Answers

I’ve been receiving more email than is usual around here, and many of the emails are asking similar questions, so I thought I’d finally sit down and address them in a more formal manner.

1.) Do you get paid to write about various websites/companies/etc?

No, I do not receive a dime for writing this blog, it’s done in my free time for fun, my own education, and the amusement and education of those who happen upon my little world.

2.) What is your policy on receiving wine samples?

I am happy to accept samples. Please email me so we can discuss details. I advise you that reviews will be objective and I will disclose to my readers that I received the bottle as a sample from whomever sent it.

3.) Can I write a post for your blog about an item I am trying to sell?

The simple answer is no. I am happy to review said item if you wish to send it to me, but I will not post your review of your own item.

4.) Will you advertise xyz for me?

No. At this time I do not wish to have advertisements on my blog.

5.) Why don’t you rate wines?

I prefer to let my descriptions do the talking and I hope that if you read a few of my reviews you will soon be able to see what language I use to describe my enthusiasm for a particular wine.
6.) Where can I buy a bottle of 2005 Voulet (with an oomlat on the “u”) Antichi Giochi Piemontesi, Casorzo?

I purchased this bottle at the Curious Grape in Shirlington, VA. They do not ship outside of VA. I also noticed lately that UnWined in Alexandria, VA has bottles by the same producer, though I did not see the identical bottle, it suggests that they might be able to procure it for you if you would like.

7.) Where do you get your wine?

I purchase 95% of my wine. The other 5% is samples and gifts from my friends. I buy my wine at a variety of local wine shops, through WineQ and through a multitude of winery clubs that I belong to. I try my best to inform you of where I got a specific bottle.

8.) Have you ever had bottle xyz?

Generally, if you haven’t seen a review of it here, the answer is probably no since there is so much wine out there. If you want to see me review a particular bottle (keeping in mind that I am generally not willing to spend more then $20 on a bottle from a producer with whom I am not familiar), please suggest it and I will do my best to hunt it down.

9.) What does NMS mean?

It stands for “not my style.”

I hope that helps, and please let me know if there is anything else you are dying to know about the blog or me.