I like Mosiacs

And I definitely like Mosaic Chardonnay. We picked this bottle of 2004 Mosaic Chardonnay up at the winery on our first trip to Sonoma. It somehow got lost in the shuffle of multiple moves and reorgs, and thus escaped me until now. I believe the bottle cost us $16 and had a real cork closure. Matt tossed the bottle before I could record the acv.

On the nose I found pineapple, lemon, slight oak and butter, and spiced vanilla. In the mouth the wine was surprisingly crisp with citrus, white grapefruit, tart apple, and a butter note. Overall the wine was tangy and refreshing.

I don’t think I tasted at Mosaic as I was our designated driver for our trip (and I believe we had already been to 6 vineyards by this stop so I didn’t think even spitting was a good cal at this point), so I let Matt pick the wines from this stop…sometimes a dangerous proposition since he likes really sweet wines a lot and I do not. But he definitely gets an A for effort with this bottle given the price point! I think the other place where I left the decision totally up to him was Mauritson and there we ended up taking home over a case of wine and joining the club, also an excellent decision!

I served the wine with parmasean baked tilapia and fruit salad. Definitely a good match for the fish, the flavors paired nicely with the flaky white fish and tangy parmasean.


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  1. How do you manage to tour the vineyards every week? Seems like a lot of fun! 🙂

  2. Oh, we went to this well over a year ago now Shantanu! We head out to the wine country in VA here about once a month and try to get to CA at least once a year!

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