Still drinking Rose….

I’m tasting Roses for Thanksgiving this year! Last year at Thanksgiving I made printed wine menus and asked our guests to select from a few bottles for each course. No one seemed terribly interested in it, so this year I will just be setting up the wine myself and I am 99% convinced I am going with a Croze Rose from WineQ but I am still testing other because, well, I love Rose and this gives me a great excuse!

This bottle was a 2006 Chateau Grande Cassagne Rose from
Costieres de Nimes. I picked it up at UnWined in Alexandria, it cost me about $10, and clocked in at 13.5% alcohol by volume.

On the nose there were strawberries and limes. The citrus was very present in the aroma with sweeter berries making up the rest of the nose. In the mouth the wine tasted like raspberry jolly ranchers and liquid strawberry Jello with a nice lime hint that gave it a great acidic backbone.

Definitely a good value and one I’d look out for to drink for next summer!


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  1. “raspberry jolly ranchers and liquid strawberry Jello” – this is really a nice combination of flavors. Thanks for suggestion and I shall seek out this one locally.

  2. I liked this one a lot. I’m contemplating getting some more from Domaine547 depending on what is in my wine budget next week!

  3. Calvert Woodley is worth checking out for its rose selection in summer. Whispering Angel was my favorite rose last year.

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