A Bee on the Bottle

Another bottle from my first WineQ shipment of the season, this time a bottle of 2006 Esca Pinot Grigio. The wine hails from Sonoma, cost me $17.99 (free shipping!), and had a real cork closure. Again (becoming habit around here!) Matt tossed the bottle before I could record the alcohol content. You can get this wine here, from WineQ.

I really liked the label on this bottle with the cute little bee! I’ll put one of Matt’s “artistic” photos at the end for a hopefully better angle….

On the nose of the wine I found pear, flowers, sweet citrus, and honey. The wine was steel fermented and then aged in neutral oak barrels, but I didn’t notice any oak on the nose. In the mouth there was lemon, other citrus, peach, and pear.

Overall the wine was crisp and light, though I think the oak added a nice body to the wine. A good value, I’d get this bottle again.


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  1. Sonadora,
    “fermented in stainless steel and aged for 8 months in neutral French oak barrels”
    That is why you can’t notice any oak aroma on the nose.
    This wine is a nice Pinto Grigio. However, at this price point, I don’t think this is a particulary high QPR wine though.

  2. I tried to sign up for WineQ on your tip but unfortunately the archaic wine shipping rules here in MA don’t allow it!

  3. Hey Andrew, I know, but it still, in my mind tends to leave a hint of some oak in the wine. Eh, considering the shipping is free and I can’t find the wine around here, I’d still get it again.

    Yeah, David, MA is pretty bad about that stuff….my friends who live there end up shipping to family/friends in CT usually!

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