Wannabe Wino Turns 1!

One Saturday morning, November 12, 2006 to be exact, I said to Matt “I think I’m going to start a wine blog. I’ve been reading all these great wine blogs, Vinography, Wine Waves, Good Wine Under $20, El Bloggo Torcido, and I think I can do it. We drink a really different selection of wines, I think I can add something to the conversation.”

388 blog posts, about 20 vineyard visits, over 230 bottles of wine, and 365 days later I am amazingly still at it. I’ve made lots of friends through this blog and even had the opportunity to meet some of them, Farley, Ken, Leah, for starts, and still hope to catch up with many more on my travels.

What amazed me most was that people started reading (besides those who knew me before and whom I badgered into coming here, thanks Jenny, Kelli, Ebs, Cfimac, etc.) and then started linking to me (many thanks to my friend Sarah, Dr.Debs, Edward, David, Alex, and John who were among the very first to link to me) and left comments.

I’ve spent much time this year learning from my fellow wine bloggers whose preferences swing to wines outside my norm (Marcus, Neil, Joe to name a few), joining communities (WineQ, Wine Life Today, Domaine547 for starters), meeting new bloggers along the way (Russ, David McDuff, Deb, Nate, and Foodette have been new friends in recent months), and finding many VA wine bloggers who always have a local suggestion for me (John, Dezel, Allan, Wine With Dinner).

I’m looking forward to the second year of WannabeWino, to continued friendships, and to new ones yet to come. Thanks for reading!