WBW #39 Silver Burgundy

Neil of Brooklyn Guy’s Wine and Food Blog is our host for this monthly installment of Wine Blogging Wednesday, the brainchild of Lenn of Lenndevours. The theme Neil has set for us this month is Silver Burgundy, by which he was referring to wines from Cote Chalonnaise or the Maconnais. Other than Chablis or Beaujolais, we had free reign to choose a wine. Neil gave the slight suggestion that great wines could be found for between $12-$25, so off I went to The Winery in Old Town Alexandria (my new favorite wine shop!) in search of a fitting bottle.

I found a bottle of 2005 Jean Manciat Macon Charnay White Burgundy Wine. Otherwise, the bottle proclaims Appellation Macon Charnay Controlee Franclieu. I’m not very good at reading these bottles, I rely on Marcus for that! The wine clocked in at 13.5% alcohol by volume, had a real cork closure, and cost me $15.99 at The Winery. I understand from the owner of The Winery (excellent lady with great wine suggestions every time we visit) that the wine is made from Chardonnay grapes. Which, after a quick search, I find that Neil actually drank this wine in May!

On the nose of the wine I found lemon, lemon rind, spice, minerals, and a slight tropical aroma, The wine smells very crisp and acidic and I looked forward to tasting it. In the mouth the wine was dry, acidic, and tart. I found lemons, minerals, wet stone, and a little bit of pineapple. Overall I though the wine was really well done.

This is my kind of chardonnay, it definitely didn’t see any oak, so it fits back with WBW of past “Get Naked” theme from Lenn for WBW’s 3rd birthday. I would definitely buy this bottle again, an excellent value for the price and a style of wine that is right up my alley!

Thanks very much to Neil for hosting and once again sending me outside of my norm of wine drinking window and getting me to try something new. I look forward to reading the round-up and hope Neil doesn’t set the bar too high for when I host next month!

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  1. hey Megan (and i thought your name was sonadora – silly me!) – thanks for participating. you know i’m a big fan of the manciat wine you drank – I’m SO PSYCHED that you liked it too. and at this price?!? honestly, how good of a value is that? if you see it, try the vieille vignes i reviewed for about $5 more – it is just sick. thanks again, looking forward to you as host-neil

  2. Give the woman a prize for picking the same wine as the host.

    Bonus points for taking down all the French label info!

  3. You picked a good one indeed.

  4. Hey Neil- Yes, and excellent value for the price! I am very glad the owner of the wine shop suggested it, she had two to choose from and said this was the one. Yep, I’m Megan, Sonadora means “dreamer” in Spanish, I got a Spanish degree and it’s a name I’ve used on the internet for years now!

    Thanks Marcus-my French=not so good (I’m barely minimal at speaking it, can understand it well enough and read at maybe the level of a kindergartener….!) so I’m trying!

    RougeandBlanc-Definitely a good one I would get again!

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