A Sight to See

I know this isn’t a food blog, but sometimes I can’t resist sharing what goes on in the Wannabe Wino kitchen. I think Matt wanted to compete, or at least show that he can do cool things too, with my delicious Thanksgiving meal…

so on the morning after Thanksgiving, he pulled out this.

And his drill (new drill bit that we sterilized for those who are concerned about that sort of thing!).

And he made a spectacle in the kitchen to impress our guests, serving them Ostrich Egg! He was inspired by “Battle Egg” on the Iron Chef and decided this was something we had to try. So he opened it and I cooked up a huge batch of scrambled eggs for our guests!

I suggest serving at your next brunch with Mimosas or perhaps a nice Moscato d’Asti.


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  1. holy crap that is big. I mean I knew ostrich eggs were big and all, but wow. And where in fact can you pick up an ostrich egg, I haven’t ever seen one in the supermarket. Good job Matt, I am impressed and I second the Moscato d’ Asti recommendation.

    see ya

  2. not to tie up your comments but it said I was anonymous after it said I was logged in as John Witherspoon. Go figure.


  3. i’m still lol at the ostrich egg.

    p.s. you’ve been tagged!

  4. Oh my gosh – Hilarious! I love it. But where did you find that egg?

  5. OMG! Like most of the others here, I didn’t know you could actually buy them that easily!

  6. 🙂

    Actually they carry them at the Whole Foods! Not too hard to find, but the cashier didn’t know what it was and had to call a manager over to ring it up!

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