Reminder: WBW #40 in 1 Week!

So get out there and find your Petite Sirah! You can find lots of resources over at PS I Love You as to who produces Petite Sirah.

Happy hunting of your beast, as Alder has named Petite Sirah!

Report back to me at on December 12 with the link to your entry or your tasting note if you don’t have a blog.

8 Responses

  1. have my PS all lined up and ready to go!

  2. I’ve got my Petit Syrah choice ready for next week! Great suggestion!


  3. I got my PS last Friday at a Tasting – ready to rock and roll

  4. gosh i am not anonymous. geez!

  5. Excellent, glad to hear everyone is going to play!! Can’t wait to hear about your finds!

  6. Cannot wait! Have tasted two, and I have two more lined up! I’m probably going a little crazy, but I really do love petit sirah.

  7. Yay Carol! I’m hosting a PS tasting tomorrow for our friends…I’ve got 5 bottles lined up!!!

  8. Looking forward to the change of pace and to reading everyone’s submissions. Thanks for hosting, S!

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