Drinking Some Pinot Noir

Now, Pinot Noir is not a varietal you see a lot of over here at Wannabe Wino. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that it normally falls way outside the price range I like to spend on a bottle of wine. However, our club membership to Michel Schlumberger sends us two bottle of wine every other month for a fixed cost, no matter what’s in the box. One month we got a bottle that retails for around $100! So with that in mind, club shipments are about the only way Pinot Noir lands on my doorstep.

The bottle was a 2005 Michel Schlumberger Dry Creek Valley Pinot Noir. It clocked in at 14.3% alcohol by volume, had a real cork closure, and can be purchased from the winery for $32. My first bit of advice is to let this one breathe, it had a lot of alcohol on the nose and needed to air out. It took until after dinner for the wine to be ready to drink.

On the nose I found cedar, raspberry, roses, and cherry. After the alcohol dissipated, it was a very pretty nose. In the mouth I got flavors of cherry, raspberry, and flowers. I took a note that said the wine had a nice bite, a bit tangy on the palate. A good bottle of wine after it aired, and next time I’d pair it with some cedar planked salmon after letting it air for a while.

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  1. Hi Sonadora,

    Wow, you guys have been busy tasting! I have been doing wine tours but did manage a couple of articles.

    Those guys over at Schlumberger are great people. That club is one of the best as far as the discounts and the members are wild to get their wine.

    I was there one Sunday with some clients who wanted to do the 2pm tour. It happened that they were distributing their wine club shipment for those that were near enough to come and pick up. I ended up helping Chris Traverso the wine club manager pass out the wine, he was mobbed. They had proscutio wrapped melon, smoked salmon on crackers and were pouring for all, but, all people wanted was their wine. One hour later they were all gone and poor Chris was exhausted!

    My point is these people loved the wine and were there to get it, quite the opposite of many clubs it is a good reflection on the winery and the wine they produce!

  2. Curious to try this. I’ve had the Michel Schlumberger La Brume Chardonnay and their Merlot, and I have their Cab, the Deux Terres Reserve Cab, and Pinot Blanc in the basement. I’ve liked the two I’ve tasted so far. Sounds like the Pinot Noir was quite nice as well.

  3. Wine-limo- We found the people at Michel Schlumberger to be very nice as well. You should encourage your clients to sign up for the cheese pairing, it’s fabulous!

    Carol, the Pinot Noir was very nice. I have a few of their Cabs kicking around the basement, but I don’t think they are ready to drink yet!

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