Dinosaur in a Bottle?

I purchased this monster of a wine from WineQ for $19.99 (free shipping!). The wine was a 2003 Deerfield Red Rex. The bottle had a real cork closure and clocked in at 14.5% alcohol by volume. It’s a blend of everything and the kitchen sink, made up of 38% Cabernet Sauvignon, 24% Syrah, 22% Merlot, 8% Cab Franc, 4% Sangiovese, and 4% Malbec.

On the nose of the wine I found currants, raisins, spice, and oak. Overall the aroma was smoky, tinged with alcohol. This is a bottle that either needs to air for a bit, so decant, at least an hour before you want to drink or keep this one around for a few more years, I think it could benefit from some bottle aging.

In the mouth there was dark chocolate, blackberries, and spice. The wine was much fruitier than I expected based on the nose, I thought this would mostly be a spicy, leathery type of wine. Instead, after an hour or so, the flavors were fruity and not nearly what I had anticipated.

Next time, I would decant, and then serve it with food. Perhaps a lighter meat dish, a roasted chicken or maybe beef stroganoff. But definitely let this monster breathe before drinking!

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  1. Sounds good Megan and a very interesting combination of grapes. I wonder if the Red Rex is always made up of such a combination!

    nice post.

    Anything Wine

  2. A lot of wineries will make a “kitchen sink” blend (our is called “Murgatroyd”), in which they try to create a pleasing wine from the bits and pieces leftover from making their main products. As a result the blend will be interesting, unusual, and tasty. And never quite the same from year to year!

  3. John, as El Jefe said, I’m sure it varies from year to year. We get a Barn Blend from another winery and it is definitely different every year!

    I’m a big fan of the red blends El Jefe, I’m always picking them up when I can!

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