Zin Zin Zin Petite Sirah

In this bottle of wine, I found what Petite Sirah is often used for: a blending grape in Zinfandel to add some depth and balance. The bottle was a 2004 Ridge Lytton Springs Zinfadel, and it was blended with 18% Petite Sirah. I picked this bottle up at Ridge for $33, it clocked in at 14.5% alcohol by volume and had a real cork closure.

On the nose I found vanilla, blackberries, oak, cherry syrup, and cedar. I believe that this bottle was my choice from Ridge, and I remember being really pleased with the nose on it then, as I am now. In the mouth, flavors of blackberry and pie dominated, with a bit of cherry thrown into the mix. Overall the wine was very fruity and fairly smooth, though it could probably hang out for another year or two, or maybe until this summer where it would make an excellent wine to have with bbq ribs.

mmmmm, ribs…….mmmmmmm, wine……


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  1. Hey Megan
    I agree with MMMMMM and I will add an extra MM. I have had this wine, and this vintage before and was very pleased. I drank it a little over 6 months ago and then would have agreed that another year or so of rest would do it justice.
    Anything Wine

  2. Hi Sonadora,

    If you like this style, I would highly recommend the McCauley Zinfandels. They have around 14% Petite and are some of the best zins around –and I’m an old-time zin freak. John

  3. Nice to finally see a Ridge that is not overblown (no offense to the folks @ Ridge but I’ve felt like my throat was on fire from the last few bottles I’ve sampled from them).

  4. I always seem to like the Lytton Springs. Perhaps it’s because I’ve stayed nearby (at a little house in Healdsburg called Lytton Place)…or perhaps just ’cause I like it. I have a bunch of the recent Geyserville release, which has a bit of PS as well as some Carignane in the blend to boot. Looking forward to it!

  5. The Lytton Springs is one of my favorite Zins, and the PS backbone really does seem to do the trick. I think you’ll find this one will lay down for several more years to good effect. I’d try it myself, but I need to figure out how to not open it now…;)

  6. John, yes, I do think this one could stay down for a bit longer.

    Corkdork, thanks for the suggestion I will keep my eye out when shopping!

    Joe, this one was definitely not a fire breathing wine, though as I said, I think it could age a bit more.

    Oh, lucky you Jill! We couldn’t justify too many bottles at this price tag….

    El Jefe, we have the same problem….wine doesn’t stand much of a chance in our house!

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