Types With One Eye Shut

Well folks, in addition to the fact that I can’t access the internet from my laptop at my parents’ house, I, like the WineHiker last year, have been yet again struck with iritis. I’m walking around the house with two pairs of sunglasses and sitting in dark rooms when possible. I’m sure Russ can commiserate with me, it’s not fun!

So what hope I had of fixing my laptop and blogging more this week seems to be fading, and I will hope to be back asap with both eyes in order.

I am drinking some good wine, and some okay wine, and some not so good wine, so I do have lots to report on, and am much looking forward to the bottle of 25th Anniversary Roederer Brut Sparkling wine that I have for New Year’s Eve. Hopefully you’ve got something delicious stashed away to celebrate with as well!

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  1. Megan, I’m so sorry that you have to deal with iritis again – I surely do commiserate with you! Are you using any space heaters or regularly near any forced-air ducts? That seemed to be the issue with me last Winter – airborne pathogens irritating and swelling the iris.

    Well, I know you probably have your meds handy. The Roederer should also help! I opened the same bottle the night of my NBC appearance and found it exquisite.

    Heal quickly, girlfriend!


  2. oh that stinks! DOes it hurt? Or is it just annoying as hell?

    Well drink some more of the good wine, and that’ll make it feel better.

    Happy holidays.

  3. I’ll add my good wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery…

  4. I sure hope three days later find you feeling better. And better to celebrate the New Year on your own terms: if you are still down, save the Good Stuff for when you are up and fightin’.

    Take care and feel better soon!

  5. Thanks for the well wishes! I hope this is my last bout with the eye issues.

  6. Ouch! Been there, done that! When I get an iritis, it’s just me and the bottle of Pred-Forte. (Talk about altering the tasting notes.) Hope you’re well on the mend.

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