Wine in the New Year

As I’ve said before I’m not too big on resolutions. I rarely keep to them, and never feel accomplished. I, however, did set some “plans” last year, with the encouragement of Dr. Debs who had asked what our wine resolutions were. And again this year, she has the same question.

Looking back on last year, I set some general goals, which were to buy a house and go to Oktoberfest. We got the house, which then sort of got in the way of any travel plans…..owning a house is expensive! This year, I don’t so much have any plans in the general sense of my life, as I also managed to get a new job this year that I really enjoy, we got the house, we’re making good progress on fixing it up, and I’m generally pretty content!

As far as wine goes, I had a few plans last year.

They were:
1.) Decant wines more often: Honestly, I’m still not great about this. Pity too, we have some really pretty decanters!

2.) Convince Matt I need a bigger wine storage area: Well, we bought the house and now I have the whole basement to take over if I want, and it keeps at a pretty constant temperature, so I’m hunky-dory with that one for now.

3.) Try some non-California Reds: I think we did okay with this one, especially helped along by WBW. WBW got me out to try lots of new things this year, and Italian reds have been calling my name ever since Dr. Vino’s Go Native WBW theme.

4.) Learn something new about wine every week: Well, this was actually a really easy one. I learned something new about wine almost every day this year, simply by drinking new things and reading my fellow winebloggers posts. Thanks for all the help everyone!

5.) More logically pick my everyday wines: Totally failed on this one, but ultimately, that was a very good thing. I tired tons of new stuff this year and was more willing to try just about anything!

So what about 2008? What will that bring in the world of wine for the Wannabe Winos?

1.) Read more. I’m really excited that Dr. Debs has started up the Wine Book Club, I really hope it will get me off my rear end and encourage me to plunge into my ever-growing stack of wine and food books!

2.) Cook more with wine. I rarely cook with wine, except for a few reduction sauces. I got several cooking with wine cookbooks for Christmas and I hope to take full advantage of them!

3.) Visit a new area of CA Wine Country. I’m 90% sure we are heading up to visit El Jefe’s territory in early April, so hopefully this one will be easy!

4.) Continue building a relationship with wine merchants so I keep getting great advice on what to buy!

Check back in next year to see how I made out with this year’s plans!