WBW #41-White Friuli Wines

I’ve been remiss in posting an announcement for the next edition of WBW. Jack and Joanne of Fork and Bottle have chosen the theme for WBW this month, picking white wines from Friuli.

You can pick any white wine you would like from the region, though they caution you that wines priced under $18 may not deliver much bang for the buck. All the details are available on Fork and Bottle. The varietals from the region run the gamut, you can find Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, among many others, however, speaking from personal experience, and the warning on Fork and Bottle, the wines are NOT easy to find. I went to 4 wine shops before finding anything, so if you are going to participate, get going, the deadline to drink and report on your bottle is January 16, which is rapidly approaching!

I’m looking forward to this WBW since this is a wine region about which I know next to nothing, so the round-up should be an excellent way to increase my knowledge. Many thanks to Jack and Joanne for hosting!