I’ve been meaning to do this review for quite a while, and have been really remiss in not getting it up sooner. Several months ago, Jill of Domaine547 contacted me and asked if I would like to receive a blogger sample pack for review. I accepted her kind offer and shortly thereafter a box with 3 bottles of wine, cute Domaine547 coasters, a newsletter, and descriptions of the wines arrived at my doorstep. I’ve reviewed two of those wines, the 2003 Vinas del Cenit Tempranillo and the 2005 Braida di Giacomo Montebruna Barbera. I have one more bottle left to review, which I will hopefully have up for you soon.

I took the first two bottles of wine as an indication of Jill’s taste in wine and was thrilled with both bottles. Matt and I loved both of them, and wouldn’t hesitate to buy either again (actually, I tried to buy more of the Cenit, but Jill has sadly sold out of that one recently, well, I guess sadly for me and happily for her!). In fact, I enjoyed it so much, that when it came time to send one of my best friends a ChristmaHanukairthday gift I didn’t hesitate to return to Domaine547 and ask Jill to ship out a bottle of it (plus a couple others) out to my friend. My friend was thrilled with the wine and Jill was very prompt in packaging it up and shipping it out. I was also very happy with her recommendations. I gave her a price range and asked her to suggest some fun bottles in that span and she came back very quickly with many suggestions, all of which would have been excellent choices.

I’ve been incredibly pleased with the customer service from Domaine547, I recently had Jill ship me a case of Grande Cassagne Rose at a most excellent price (cheaper even with the shipping than I could find it around me!) and am currently working with her to buy some more interesting and different wines for my cellar (or stomach, we all know how long wine lasts around my house….)!

I look forward to a continued relationship with Jill and Domaine547, as I am always thrilled to find someone who is able to quickly and easily recommend wines that are to my liking. With her fun website, easy-going personality, and quick response time, I highly recommend Jill and Domaine547 as an online wine merchant.

2007 was a great year wine-wise for me. I’ve now got three places that are my go-tos for wine that I love and is well priced. One is local, The Winery in Alexandria, and the others are online, WineQ, and Domaine547.