Contests Abound!

Farley (of Behind the Vines and Wine Outlook) is hosting a contest over on Behind the Vines. She is once again participating in Open That Bottle Night (OTBN) and is highly encouraging everyone else to participate as well.

The premise behind OTBN is to go ahead and pop the cork on one of those bottles you’ve been saving for a special occasion and just haven’t gotten around to opening yet for whatever reason. The evening to open? Saturday, February 23. All Farley wants you to do is head on over to her blog and leave a comment about what bottle you think you will open by February 20. And in return, you are entered into a contest to win two bottles of wine from Rosenblum Cellars! You can read all the details, and tell her about the wine you will drink here.

Next, over on El Bloggo Torcido, El Jefe has announced “Take your Rubber Chicken to Work Week.” He’s asking everyone to pick a day between Feb. 4-10, and take your rubber chicken to work with you and document it with pictures. Then submit the pictures to Twisted Oak and everyone will win something. He will be announcing further details and prizes over the coming week, so keep your eyes open. You can read his initial announcement here. And, if you don’t happen to have an actual Twisted Oak chicken, you now order one for only $6.95 or you can bring whatever rubber chicken you already own (?) or can get your hands on before the deadline.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my contest. That means you get an extra shot at winning 🙂 One thing, though. They need to tell me by Feb.20 but actually open the bottle on the following Saturday:Feb.23. That’s the big night.

    By the way, I’ve got my chicken ready to go. It (he?she?) can’t wait.

  2. Ah Jeff won by Menu for Hope wine tour that I donated I wrote an article on his winning and stated it was great a serious wine person won who also had a Blog. He left a comment that I did not know him if I thought him serious now I see his point!

  3. Fixed it Farley! My chicken just arrived last week and will accompany me tomorrow.

    Mark-definitely a fun guy!

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