The Polls Have Closed

And the winner is that 37% of the readers who answered my poll spend between $0-$15 on a bottle of wine. Coming in a close second and third were $15-$20 (30%) and $20-$30 (28%). Overall 59 people responded.

I think this fairly represents the range of wines I tend to drink and review here. A few go over $30 a bottle, but those are just the occasional bottle and I rarely, without having previously tried it, would buy a bottle in the store that is over $30. The wines we drink that do go over that price range tend to be gifts or have come in club shipments directly from wineries. Though I do admit to the rare splurge on a bottle that a fellow blogger has raved about, or a fancy Champagne for a special occasion!

I’m going to stick up another poll, this time about how much wine you keep on hand.

Thanks for participating!

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  1. I just found your blog – and am bookmarking it. I drink wine daily, but am slow at reviewing and documenting it, as my blog reflects. Your’s is great!

  2. Thanks for the poll, they are always fun!


  3. Mo-Glad to have you! Thanks for stopping by.

    Good to know John!

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