More Wine from the Coppola Estate

My Dad was on a real kick of wines from the Francis Ford Coppola Vineyards while we were visiting CT. I think he had gone a tasting at a local place and that was what they were serving, so we had a least a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Rose while there. The Rose was better than the Cabernet, but I still stand by recommending the vineyard as a place for lunch and the views over the wine. In case you haven’t tasted in the Russian River Valley, Alexander Valley, and Dry Creek Valley areas, there aren’t exactly many food options for lunch unless you want to head into downtown Healdsburg and leave the tasting trails! We mostly ate lunch at the Dry Creek General Store, where Matt swears by the potato salad. However, when you are tasting for a week + in the area, it’s nice to change it up and have something different!

In any case, the wine. The bottle was a 2006 Sofia Rose Francis Ford Coppola Carneros Pinot Noir Rose. It had a real cork closure and clocked in at 12% alcohol by volume. I didn’t purchase it, but it looks like it probably cost around $16-$17. If I had this bottle, it would annoy the heck out of me because the shape would take up more than its fair share of room on my wine rack!

On the nose of the wine I found lime, bananas, and strawberries. In the mouth I got roses, strawberries, and a little tart citrus on the finish. The wine was smooth, but it was sweeter than I prefer in a Rose…I like my Rose dry!