I don’t know where I got this wine

Literally, I have no idea. I usually write these things down, but it had no price tag on it, which makes me think it didn’t come from The Winery. I think perhaps my brother gave it to me for Christmas, I know he gave me two bottles of wine, but I have several Italian reds of unknown origin, and I don’t remember which one was from him! See, I told you I’m losing my mind!

Anyway, the wine as a 2003 Camp’ du Rouss Coppo Barbera D’Asti. It looks like you can find it for about $18 online, it clocked in at 13.5% alcohol by volume, and had a real cork closure.

The wine had a deep and bitter nose. It showed a little barnyard funk, but it blew off quickly. A little fruit, but it comes and goes, raspberry, blackberry, and dark cherry. The nose was leathery, very leathery. In the mouth, I found red raspberry, a little spice, and leather on the back of the palate. Overall the wine was smooth, a tiny bit tannic at the finish, but well integrated. The flavors were dominated by the leather. For around $18 I think this is a good value for a Barbera.

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  1. I have to say Barbera is one of my favorite wines. Some good one are hard to come by. And yes, where the wine comes from, I have the same problem…where did all these bottles come from?? Have you ever tried Montevina Amador County Barbera. I think they make a beautiful example of the wine grown here in California. And it’s bargain basement prices.

  2. I haven’t actually ever had a Barbera from CA Cathy. I’ll have to keep my eye out, thanks for the tip!

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