Devil’s Gotcha

The wine for the evening was a 2006 Devil’s Corner Pinot Noir which I served in our schmancy new Reidel stemless glasses. The wine hails from Tasmania, clocks in at 14.5% alcohol by volume, screw-cap closure and cost me $16.99 minus a 10% case discount at The Winery in Old Town Alexandria. I’ve never had a wine from Tasmania before!

On the nose the wine was spicy and herbal, with leather, pepper, oak must, and perhaps a tiny bit of cherry, but that was barely there. In the mouth I found tart cherry, raspberry, leather, and earth. The wine was tannic, so perhaps it needs a little more time to mellow out.

Overall, a decent Pinot Noir for the money.

A Different Kind of Wine

*Disclaimer: I received this bottle of wine from Bottlenotes as part of a sample pack.

Several months ago (okay, perhaps more like 6 months ago) a PR firm for the wine club and online wine store Bottlenotes contacted me and asked if I would like to participate in a blogger trial of their online wine club. They gave me a credit which I could use to join any of their many clubs for a few months. After perusing the options, I chose the Dinner Party Club for 3 months, 2 bottles at a time. Though I must admit, I was sorely tempted by the Little Black Dress Club, I was curious about a wine club geared toward women and touted by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow!

The concept behind the Dinner Party Club is just that, a dinner party worth of wines in a box. Though I would guess to get the full experience you would have to go for a larger shipment than the 2 bottle one, since that would give you the whole meal!

I had to ship the club to my parents’ house, since at the time (not sure if that’s changed) Bottlenotes could not ship to Virginia. The shipments arrived like clockwork on my parents’ doorstep and I was eager to collect them over Christmas as I had been reading the emails with what the shipments contained for months.

My second shipment brought a bottle of white and a bottle of red. The white, which I will review here, was a 2006 Amehlo, which can be purchased for $14.50 and the red a Cabernet Sauvignon that I have yet to taste.

The Amehlo comes from Alain Moueix in Stellenbosch, South Africa. It clocked in at 14.5% alcohol by volume and was a blend of 63% Sauvignon Blanc and 37% Semillon grapes. Because I was curious, and the label told me, Amehlo means “the eye” and represents the leopards that live by the vineyard.

On the nose of the wine I found pineapple butter. It was neither pineapple or butter, but what I would imagine a spread made in apple butter style but with pineapple instead would smell like. I also got pear, pastry cream (the kind of custard like stuff in eclairs) and an almost minty/herbal aroma. The nose was dominated by tropical flavors. The nose was unlike any other wine I’ve smelled. In the mouth I found lemon cream, tropical fruit, and a bit of a grassy flavor. The wine was crisp with a really light mouth feel that I didn’t expect after the nose. The flavors were clean.

The wine was very different overall. I’ve never had a blend of these two grapes before, so I like that it got me to try something I likely would never have picked up in the store. We drank this on it’s own, which was great, but I think it would do well with a light white fish dish or with cheese and crackers!

A Barbera Kind of Month

I picked up this bottle of 2006 Ruvei Marchesi di Barolo Barbera D’Alba at The Winery in Old Town, Alexandria for $18.99 minus a 10% case discount. It clocked in at 13% alcohol by volume and had one of those terrible plastic cork closures.

On the nose I found cherries and leather. The nose was sweet with spicy undertones. In the mouth I got flavors of dark cherry and spice. The wine was lighter in the mouth than other Barbera’s that I’ve had. It didn’t have as much going on as similarly priced bottles either.

It was a nice quaffing wine, but look for other bottles in the same price range that offer a better value.

WBW #42- Round Up Posted!

Andrew over at Spittoon has posted his round-up for WBW #42 Just Seven Words. Apparently he was trying to rival me in how fast one could get a round up posted! 😉

So head on over and check it out, lots of participants and interesting takes on the assignment, plus, Andrew is not sharing what wines people drank, just their seven words, so you will have to click through to discover what wine the words represent! Thanks again to Andrew for hosting this month!

Also, just a quick reminder that the contest to design a logo for WBW is still on going, with several great prizes now available for the winner. Stop by Wine Blogging Wednesday for all the details!

As always, I’ll let you know as soon I know what the next theme will be!

I don’t know where I got this wine

Literally, I have no idea. I usually write these things down, but it had no price tag on it, which makes me think it didn’t come from The Winery. I think perhaps my brother gave it to me for Christmas, I know he gave me two bottles of wine, but I have several Italian reds of unknown origin, and I don’t remember which one was from him! See, I told you I’m losing my mind!

Anyway, the wine as a 2003 Camp’ du Rouss Coppo Barbera D’Asti. It looks like you can find it for about $18 online, it clocked in at 13.5% alcohol by volume, and had a real cork closure.

The wine had a deep and bitter nose. It showed a little barnyard funk, but it blew off quickly. A little fruit, but it comes and goes, raspberry, blackberry, and dark cherry. The nose was leathery, very leathery. In the mouth, I found red raspberry, a little spice, and leather on the back of the palate. Overall the wine was smooth, a tiny bit tannic at the finish, but well integrated. The flavors were dominated by the leather. For around $18 I think this is a good value for a Barbera.

Losing Pictures (and my mind apparently)

Disclosure: I received this bottle of wine from WineQ as part of my Beta Club Membership.

I swear I took a picture of this wine. I remember taking the pictures. But it’s not on my memory card or loaded into my computer, so I’m stumped as to what happened to it. Apparently this is the week of lost wine pictures.

In any case, the wine was a bottle of 2006 Jeriko Estates Rose. It can be purchased from WineQ for $12.99 (and free shipping if you spend $35), it clocked in at 14.1% alcohol by volume, and had a real cork closure. The wine is from Mendocino and is organically produced as are all wines from Jeriko Estates.

On the nose I found strawberry, lime, and kiwi. I wish I had my picture, I especially recall noting the cool salmon color of this wine. You’ll have to deal with the giant stock photo courtesy of WineQ though! In the mouth the wine showed strawberry, lime, and watermelon.

Overall, the wine was quite fruity, but it had good acidity and structure so the fruits weren’t sweet, but nice and tart. In my ever so eloquent notes, I described the wine as “Yummy!” and I really enjoyed the fruit qualities in the bottle. This is one I really enjoyed, especially for the price, and have already added to my Q at WineQ!

More Dessert Wine

And just a very quick review as I seem to have misplaced the picture for this bottle!

The wine was a 2005 Bella Vineyards Late Harvest Zinfandel from Big River Ranch Vineyards. It clocked in at 14.5% alcohol by volume, had a real cork closure, and cost us $20.40. I can’t recall if this came in a club shipment or if we picked it up at the actual vineyard.

We drank this for dessert on Christmas (did I mention that I got really backlogged on wines over December?) with various cookies and puff pastries. On the nose I got blackberry and spice. The nose was sweet and very pungent. In the mouth, it tasted like blackberry wine and was quite sweet.

WBW #42 Just Seven Words

Wine: 2005 Carpineto Dogajolo Dry Red Table Wine
Cost: About $12 at The Winery
Alcohol Content:13%
Closure: Real cork
Locale: Tuscany, Italy
Blend: 80% Sangiovese, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon

Many thanks to Andrew of Spittoon who is hosting this iteration of WBW, with the theme “Just Seven Words.” Andrew asked us to choose an Italian red, any Italian red, and put our tasting notes into just 7 words that are grammatically correct.

My 7 words:

Riding horses through eucalyptus and berry fields.

Invasion of Domaines

Two quick reviews today, of two wines from different Domianes!

First up, the 2005 Robert Martin Saint Veran Domaine de la Denante from France. I picked this bottle up at The Winery in Old Town Alexandria for $15.99 back when BrooklynGuy was hosting Silver Burgundy wines from Macon for WBW. It was going to be a potential contender for my post for that WBW, but I am glad I chose the other bottle instead. This bottle clocked in at 13% alcohol by volume and cost me $15.99 minus a 10% case discount. On the nose I found lemon, vanilla, oak, and asparagus. Yes, you read that right, asparagus, it was unmistakable. In the mouth the wine was oaky and I only found lemon. This was a very dry white wine, and not very complex.

Next up, a 2005 Domaine Longval Tavel. This was a Rose, I picked it up at MV Wine and Spirit in Madison, CT for around $10, it clocked in at 14.5% alcohol and had a real cork closure. The alcohol absolutely dominated this wine and ruined it for me. 14.5% for a Rose is absurd, the light flavors and refreshing quality I expect from a Rose are crushed by such high alcohol. The nose eventually gave up strawberry and minerals and the mouth showed only strawberry and alcohol. NMS.

Big Dark Cabernet Sauvignon

Even though this bottle of wine clocked in at 14.1% alcohol (which in my opinion, for a CA Cabernet Sauvignon is actually low) it was still a BIG wine. Kind of sad when I feel that 14.1% alcohol is low, but given that I have seen over 16% alcohol for some bottles, I would gather my perspective is a bit skewed, but that is a discussion for another day.

The wine in question was a 2004 Souverain Cabernet Sauvignon from the Alexander Valley. It had a real cork closure and was purchased by my dad, so I don’t know what he paid, but it looks to be available online for about $20. A word of caution, this wine needs more time in the bottle or a good decanting before you drink it.

On the nose of the wine I found black cherry, blackberry, leather, and plums. In the mouth there were cherries and dark berries. The wine was tannic and the mouth didn’t open up while I was drinking it, and I really only got the one glass since 6 of us were sharing the bottle!