Polls Closed…

a while ago. But like some states, it takes me a while to count votes, even if they are staring me in the face whenever I pull up my blog!

I realized after I posted the poll that I forgot to include Germany as an option, something several people pointed out to me. This was not meant as a slight at all, it was simply a by-product of me not being thorough enough when I created the poll.

Not surprisingly to me, given my personal leaning to the US for most of my wine, 38% of voters (17 votes) chose the US as the country from which most of their wine hails. Coming in second was France with 7 votes and 15% of the vote. Italy and Australia followed closely with 5 votes each. In all 44 voters participated in the poll this go around.

If I do a completely unscientific survey of the wines I’ve blogged about (meaning I quickly added up in my head the ones from the US and the ones from outside the US) about 60% of my wine is from the US with about 25% being from VA, roughly 70% from CA, and 5% from other US states. Roughly 12% of the wine I drink comes from France and 12% more from Italy. After that, the percents are fairly insignificant, with a few bottles from South Africa, Australia, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, Chile, Germany, Argentina, Lebanon, Switzerland, and Austria rounding out the remaining 16% of wine I drink.

As always, thanks for participating!