Bud Break!!!

So I guess this confirms my status as a total wine geek (as Lenn just asked about), but I have never seen bud break before so I was super excited to be in Sonoma for it this year! We didn’t see any on our first two days, but finally, on the 3rd day (March 18) we witnessed it! These shots were taken at Acorn Winery where Patrick told us we should definitely not miss a tasting (and I agree, highly recommend the place.) These are, if I remember correctly, the Sangiovese vines.

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  1. OMG! That second picture shows a HORRIBLY pruned vine. To have the spur overlapping the cordon like that, sheesh.

  2. bud break is such a cool thing. These tiny little leaves popping out of this seemingly baron vine. My favorite part of the growing season is when the shoots are like 1-3″ inches and the flowering looks like these minature grape clusters. Very cool

    Glad you got to see it Megan.

  3. There aren’t enough bud break photos, in my opionion. Did you see the one at Tablas Creek? Neat looking clouds in your second picture.

  4. Hey, you can see this again in Oregon , but you’ll have to wait a month! When are you go to visit?

  5. I’ll take your word for it Randy, not being a vine pruning expert myself!

    Haven’t seen the little grapes yet either John…I’ll need to tour the country to visit vines at different stages!

    Orion, I did see those! And the ones over at El Bloggo Torcido.

    Another year Craig…we are tapped out on wine at the moment!

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