Barn Blending Results!

We drank this bottle of the 2006 Nelson Family Vineyards Barn Blend the other night in honor of the fact that we could not attend the blending party this year, sadly. Last year we did go, as I’ve talked about before, and this bottle was the product of that party, though sadly we were not the creators of it!

The Barn Blend is a mix that’s Cabernet heavy with a bit of Merlot and Zinfandel making up the rest. I believe it costs around $18, clocked in at 14.8% alcohol by volume, and had a real cork closure.

On the nose I found strawberry, leather, raspberry, currants, earth, and spice. In the mouth, again, the flavors were dominated by the strawberries, with raspberry hiding underneath, some spice and a bit of the earthy note.

The wine needs some time to breathe before drinking, I definitely think this one has some time to age left in it! I served it with homemade pepperoni pizza, and it was an okay match, but being so Cab heavy I probably should have served it with the grilled steak we had the next night!


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  1. So, I read your blog from time to time and enjoy reading your tasting notes…but I have to ask, why is it that tasting notes on fine food is always a long list of items not in the actual food/beverage being tasted? I mean, this isn’t unique to wine, either. My favorite whiskey is described on another blog as having “hints of green grass, honey and fresh oak.” Why is it never “good fresh grapes” or “definitely a well-aged barley”?

  2. Ya know Frank, apparently no one wants their wine to actually taste like grapes! Strange but true. Grapes at least tend to (or many think should) be a reflection of where they are grown and how their juice is pressed, fermented, and aged. So, for example, a Sauvignon Blanc grown in chalky, minerally soil can often take on the characteristics of where it was grown and be described as showing minerals and stones in the scent/flavor. Other factors can affect wines as well, such as being aged in oak, which can impart toast, vanilla, and butter flavors, among others. Hope that helps a bit.

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