Great Value Italian Red Wine

The wine was a 2005 Siema Rosso Vino da Tavola by Lodali Winery from Piedmont. Sorry, I seem to have not taken a picture of this one. The wine clocked in at 12% alcohol by volume and cost me $8!!!! at The Winery in Old Town Alexandria. It’s a blend of 50% Barbera and 50% Dolcetto. I believe I took more notes on this wine than almost any other red wine I’ve had in recent memory. I’m still shocked at the layers and depth in this little $8 bottle of wine. What I should have done was go buy the rest that The Winery had because this was simply an amazing value.

The nose showed smoke, leather, a little barnyard, red berries, and red currants. It kept opening up as the night progressed and the smell was amazing. In the mouth the wine was red and earthy. I found red berries, red currants, earth, leather, a smoky characteristic, and more red fruit.

This was just an absolutely fabulous deep wine with layers of flavors. Everyone loved this one at our dinner party. I served it with homemade pizza, and in addition to everything else, the wine was wonderful with pizza! The smoky flavors were perfect for the cheese and pepperoni covering the pizza.

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  1. Hello, Thank you for posting your blog. I tried to locate where I could find the wine you talked about, but I wasn’t able to do so. Did you taste this in Italy or in the States? Would you be able to share with me please where you bought it from? That would be much appreciated… My EMail address is Michael

  2. sounds like a good find! I’ve got a Barbera on tap for tonight myself.

  3. Michael, I bought this in the US at The Winery in Old Town, Alexandria, VA. Good luck finding some!

    David, definitely a good find. Thanks for stopping by!

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