Some Bubbly From Dad

When my folks came to visit a couple weeks ago, they came bearing wine…some that I had shipped to their house, and some my Dad picked up from various tastings he attended since the last time we had visited. One of those bottles from a recent bubbly tasting was a Gloria Ferrer Sonoma Brut. It clocked in at 12.9% alcohol by volume and had a traditional sparkling wine closure.

On the nose I found almonds, toast, nuts, apples, and more toast. The nose of the wine was very toasty. In the mouth the wine was very appley, with a little pear, tropical fruit, and some honey on the back of the palate. The wine was full of dry fruit, with nice bubbles.

We drank this on its own after dinner, and it was a great after dinner treat. It runs around $13-$17 a bottle, and is definitely a fun sparkler in that price range.

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  1. Hey Megan
    We love Gloria Ferrer, their estate is beautiful and we alwasy enjoy their sparklers. We had thier 97 carneros cuvee a while and it was rocking.


  2. Lucky girl! I love Gloria Ferrer. I am spoiled living so near. Next time you’re here, we should sit on the deck and enjoy a glass of Royal Cuvee courtesy of Visa card!

  3. Haven’t been out there John, will have to hit it on another trip out West. Lucky you with your aged bubbly!

    VinquireThea, thanks for stopping by. I’ll take you up on the offer next time I’m out West!

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