The Wine is Safe (for now)

We have a flooded basement. In the 30 years since this house was built, there has been no water in the basement. We’ve had days of rain before and never a drop of water in the basement. It’s been raining here since Thursday around 9pm, and it first flooded on Saturday morning. Not too much, but two spots. This morning, there is at least an inch across the whole floor and two inches at the low spots. Trying to sweep it down the drain is like herding cats….impossible. Especially because it’s still raining.

But the wine appears to be on safe ground for the moment. Hopefully it stays that way. Our sump pump is shot, it’s not working at all, so I’m trying to figure out if I should get it replaced, or if that’s even part of the problem.

Sigh, the joy of homeownership. At least the wine’s safe.


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  1. As someone who grew up in suburban Philly and had a basement that flooded every time it rained UNTIL we put the sump pump in, I think it’s the sump pump. If it’s there, and it’s not working, I’d guess it was the thing keeping the basement from flooding before.Problem is, I don’t think they can replace it until the water is gone! Until then, drink wine.

  2. oh that stinks Megan. Good luck, keep us posted.

  3. That’s awful 😦 Having cleaned up several flooded basements, I can relate.

  4. I hate it when that happens! Or rather, I would hate it if it ever happened to me – being in the Land of Mostly No Basements. In any case, I’m sorry to hear about it, hope you can get dry real quick and have an extra nice glass of something.

  5. So sorry to hear. Hopefully it will get cleared up soon…

  6. Homeownership definitely has its drawbacks…. Good luck with the repairs, Megan.

    And don’t worry about the wine too much. Unless it ends up totally submerged, the moisture is only likely to damage the labels.

  7. On the flipside, do worry about the heat that’s generated by dehumidifiers. If you’ll be running them for the dry-up project, you may want to find a temporary safe haven for your juice.

  8. So, one good thing came from this. You brought me back to earth a little in my intense desire to have a house.

    As if that’s any consolation…

    But yeah, at least the wine is safe!

  9. Thanks for all the concern and comments folks. I think I finally gotten the basement clean. The smell is more of a musty old basement than mildew now, and the floor is dry to the touch (took weeks, cement is certainly a thirsty material!). The dehumidifier is small and away from the wine, so I think that will be okay as well!

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