Herding Sheep

I previously wrote about our trip to Breggo on our last Sonoma visit. We really liked the wines they had to offer and have actually stashed away one of their more pricey Pinots for another day. We also brought home some Rose which I loved at the winery and will be featured in an upcoming project I’m working on…more on that later!

So the wine for the evening was the 2007 Breggo Rose of Syrah. It cost us $20 at the winery, had a real cork closure (with a nifty ram on it), and clocked in at 13.7% alcohol by volume. I think I managed to capture the absolutely nifty melted watermelon jolly rancher color of the wine in this picture (though you can tell me if I’m deluding myself, I know my pictures suck, many folks have pointed that out to me….).

On the nose I found strawberry, lime, some orange type citrus, though I don’t think I would call it orange, flowers, and white pepper. The nose on this Rose was very aromatic. I again noted the beautiful color in my notes (must have REALLY thought this was pretty!). In the mouth I found tart wild strawberries. I’m not sure these grow elsewhere, but in New England you could find tiny little patches of wild growing strawberries and raspberries in peoples’ yards, and the strawberries were always very tiny compared to what you buy in the store, but they were bright red and tart and delicious. I also got oranges (actual oranges this time), watermelon, and cherries.

Overall, the wine was tart, dry, and very refreshing. It will certainly pair well with the dog days of summer which are right around the corner for us! I served this with cedar planked grilled salmon and fresh corn on the cob. It was a great match with the salmon! I would also recommend it with a spicy bbq though, as the cool, crisp flavors would be very refreshing (not to turn my back on Zinfandel with bbq, because I love me some Zinfandel with my bbq, but as a nice alternative when you aren’t feeling the heavy red in the 95 degree weather plus 100% humidity….).


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  1. Sounds delicious! Makes me realize how few rosés I’ve had as of recent, a sad but true commentary as to the weather – cold and rainy. But, now that the sun is peaking out from around the clouds, I think I should remedy this 😉 thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Gabriella! It is definitely time for the Roses to come come out…especially for me this week as I’m down in Atlanta and it’s HOT here!

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