Ooh, Raisins!

That was my first thought on opening tonight’s wine. The wine was a Burger Family 2006 Rietvallei Red Muscadel. It hails from South Africa, cost me $16.99 at Tinderbox in Atlanta, and clocked in at a hefty 16% alcohol by volume. It had one of those half cork with a plastic top closures. Sorry no pictures, I’m traveling and don’t have my camera.

The color was that of a very dark rose. I’ve never had a Red Muscadel, or a white one for that matter. The nose was sweet, very sweet, like candied raisins. Honey also dominated, which I thought strange for a red wine. The taste and smell were almost port-like. I realize this is a dessert wine, but the high alcohol, raisin scent and flavor all scream port to me. As did the firey way it went down my throat.

I really do think someone who enjoys Port would love this wine. It doesn’t quite have the nuances of a Port, but I could see if being very good with dessert, particularly a vanilla ice cream with this drizzled over it, or a chocolate tort.

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  1. Red Muscadel! That’s a new one to me. (The ice cream idea sounds inspired…)

  2. Hey Dr. Debs-It was a new one for me too. And the ice cream….well Atlanta was hot, and back here in DC it’s sweltering!!! I need all the ice cream I can get.

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