Sheepy Sauvignon Blanc

The wine for the afternoon was the 2007 Breggo Sauvignon Blanc. I picked this bottle up on our last California trip at the winery. The bottle cost me $25, had a real cork closure, and clocked in at 14% alcohol by volume. Grapes for the wine hail from Ferrington Vineyard in the Anderson Valley.

On the nose I found melon, lime, citrus, and tropical fruit. In the mouth the wine showed citrus, lime, grapefruit, and melon. The wine was light and crisp in the mouth with great acidity. Overall I’d describe it as yummy, very tart and refreshing.

We drank this on it’s own one hot Saturday afternoon after a long day of yard work. It certainly hit the spot for that! I’d serve it with some of the crab and fish dishes I intend to make this summer!


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  1. Sheepy. Because of the label graphics, right? Otherwise I was looking for a reference to mutton in the tasting notes. 🙂
    Great stuff, like reading your reviews.
    One day you’ll get a mysterious package from Canada. Don’t call the bombsquad. It’ll be wine for review. Cheers!

  2. I just found your blog and wanted to say hello. We picked up a bottle of the Breggo Pinot recently. I wish we had been able to get our hands on the Rose’ or Savingnon Blanc. They look perfect for summer.

  3. Yes, sheepy because of the label 🙂 I would very much like a mysterious package from Canada! Thanks Brad.

    Hi Lucy, welcome! The rose and the sauvignon blanc will be good summer wines indeed. I have one of the Pinots too…but I think it needs some more time. Come back soon!

  4. My wife and I really enjoyed our visit to Breggo. Their pinots are fantastic. I haven’t had their Sauv Blanc yet though. Happy to hear it’s a good wine.

  5. Gary-It’s worth seeking out. Thanks for stopping by and for the comment!

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