WBW News! And the WBC NA!

I’ve been remiss in letting you know that Dr. Debs of Good Wine Under $20 has posted her round up of White Wine Varietals from WBW #46. You can check out all the details here, but the quick breakdown was that 43 bloggers participated and nearly everyone liked their wine. So get out there and try some Rhone whites for the summer!

Second, the next WBW has been announced! Our hosts this month are Erin and Michelle of Grape Juice and they have chose the theme “Brought to you by the letter “S.”” By that they want you to choose any wine in the world directly associated with the letter “S.” So choose a South African Sauvignon Blanc, or a Seghesio Sonoma Sangiovese, or whatever your heart desires so long as the appellation or the grape or the producer, or something else directly related to the wine starts with “S.” Find all the details here.

And finally, the current biggest event in the wine blog world is the Wine Bloggers Conference! Hosted by Open Wine Consortium and Zephyr Wine Adventures, this promises to be the event to meet and greet and learn with all your fellow wine bloggers. The event will occur in October in Sonoma County, lots of good wine will be poured and I for one am very excited to meet the folks that I’ve been interacting with for almost 2 years now! (Crossing my fingers, it looks about 90% odds that I will be there!)

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  1. A couple of comments on the new site. First, you might want to change the settings on your “Categories” widget to only include tags used more than one time. It is so long it becomes useless, and really isn’t necessary for words like “Cabot Cheese.” The tag will still be there and work for Google and tag searches, but it won’t clutter your front page.

    Second, kill the calendar. Why use up your most valuable space with something everybody already has on their computer?

    Third, break up your Blogroll (once you put it together) into different categories, like Wine Blogs, Wineries, Wine Reviews, etc. If you have too many in any one category you have nothing, because people get lost.

    I don’t know about losing traffic, but do not think you can migrate your subscribers. I’m not sure what benefit you get moving from Blogger to WordPress, particularly given that you are redirecting to your own URL. In fact, with some of Blogger’s newer widgets I think it is far superior. My particular new favorite is the widget that links your blogroll with snippets, and can sort by most recent. This rewards the most active, rather than the alphabetically creative (like me – by the way, on your blogroll it should be “2 Days per Bottle,” not “Two Days per Bottle.” Yes, alphabetically creative.). What is the WordPress advantage?

  2. Hey-

    The advantage I was looking for were the cleaner designs, being able to up my own header, and being able to have 3 columns. If I can do those things on Blogger, I’d be happy to stay. I was just trying this out to see if it would be better, I’m not sold on migrating….

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